Timor’s National Hydrocarbon Energy, the ANPM, and the London-based, leading Government Marketing Agency, IN-VR, have announced the renewal of their Partnership for the promotion of the 2nd Licensing Round of the country.

This Partnership will be focusing on the fruitful design and promotion of the Licensing Round, with additional international Roadshows (online and physical), Marketing Campaigns and door-to-door investor activities within 2021, effective immediately.

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IN-VR has been ANPM’s trusted promotional arm since 2019, with the annual launch of the Timor-Leste Oil & Gas Summit in Dili IN-VR has managed to attract a significant number of investors to East Asia’s most interesting play with more than 5.13 trillion cubic feet of gas and 225.9 million barrels of condensate reserves offshore, and more than 127 million barrels of recoverable oil onshore.

Currently, ANPM is holding its 2nd Licensing Round, offering 18 blocks, 11 offshore and 7 onshore, with an IOC-friendly legal regime, attractive financial incentives, and a history of rapid developments on recently awarded acreage.

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Chryssa Tsouraki, co-CEO at IN-VR, stated: “We are extremely pleased and honoured to be working even closer with the ANPM and TImor-Leste. Based on the concrete interest we have generated through IN-VR’s marketing and promotional campaigns within the past years, we strongly believe that the Licensing Round is set to be an international success, equivalent to the country’s vast hydrocarbon potential.”

ANPM’s President Florentino Soares Ferreira commented: “IN-VR will continue to be our strategic partner in ensuring that all of our activities related to the 2nd Licensing Round will continue to be implemented effectively”

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