As Nigeria’s President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, prepares to assume office on May 29, 2023, analysts are saying he must consider the power sector in Nigeria and introduce far reaching reforms.

According to Proshare analysts, the first step first step would be the appointment of a power sector expert or administrator to supervise the sector in the capacity of minister.

The new minister, they said must draw up a National Energy Plan which clearly outlines the Power Sector Expansion plan. “This is necessary to resolve the imbalances between power generation, evacuation, dispatch, and electricity demand,” they said 
According to experts, the provision of adequate gas supply to the existing generation plants is crucial in dealing with the power generation problem.

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Power sector professionals say the transmission end of the value chain, in the hands of the government, must be privatized to bring about greater efficiency and end the incessant problem of load-shedding.

On a second not, the Proshare analysts said likewise, the incoming government must take advantage of mini-grid solutions to increase the amount of electricity generated.

The problem of energy theft at the distribution end of the value chain must be addressed by increasing the number of electricity meters. “This is expected to also bring an end to the notorious estimated billing.”

By Ken Okafor

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