Friday, June 21, 2024
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Social Media Stats

Facebook: 9.2k+

Twitter: 1.2k+

Instagram: 600+

Email Subscribers: 4.5k+

Traffic Stats

Users: 2.9k+

Page Views: 5.7k+

Alexa Rank (NG): 1,256

Alexa Rank (Global): 123,577


Male: 22.8%

Female: 77.2%

Advert Rates

CPM (Cost Per One Thousand Impressions) Rate

Banner Size (px) Price
300 x 250 N500
320 x 100 N450
300 x 600 N700
728 x 90 N450
336 x 280 N500


Video Ads

15 – 120secs => N150,000/month

121 – 300secs => N375,000/month

Tenancy Rates

Weekly – N150,000
Monthly – N500,000


  1. Send your well designed ad banner to [email protected] at least 3 days to start date.
  2. Your banner must not be more than 150kb
  3. Include the landing page where your banner will be redirected to when clicked onOnce your ad campaign has been cleared to run, you will receive a mail containing our payment details.Please note that the minimum amount of impressions you can purchase per time is 500,000 impressions