Electricity Consumers In Nigeria To Pay More From 2020

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Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has increased the tariff payable by power consumers nationwide. Beginning from next year, power consumers will have to pay an additional sum of between N8 and N14 for every kilowatt-hour of energy provided by their respective distribution companies (DisCos)

Although it is not clear if the federal ministry of power has approved it, an impeccable source at NERC said for sure the tariff will be effective from next year. A document made available to OER reveal the actual cost-reflective tariff for each of the 11 power distribution companies operating in Nigeria, in a regulatory instrument cited as ‘The 2016-2018 Minor Review of Multi-Year Tariff Order 2015 and Minimum Remittance Order for the Year 2019’.

The tariff increase for each Disco differs, going by figures in the documents from the commission. But the source said the tariff may be harmonized further before it will be released to the public. NERC, however, stated that the end-user allowed tariff from 2017 to 2019 per kWh was N32.66 in each of the years, while those of 2020 and 2021 were put at N42.46 and N44.21.

For the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC), for instance, the difference between what their customers pay currently and what they will pay from next year, going by NERC’s figures, is an increase of N9.8/kWh. For the Benin Disco, it the difference between what BEDC’s customers pay currently and what they will pay from next year is an increase of N9.75/kWh.

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For the Eko Disco, NERC said the difference between what customers pay currently and what they will pay from next year is an increase of N8.5/kWh. For Enugu Disco, customers under the power firm’s franchise areas will get a tariff increase of N10.6/kWh from next year. For residents who are served by Ibadan Disco, by next year, they will witness an increase of N9.1/kWh in their tariff.

For customers in the Ikeja Disco’s franchise areas, they will pay additional N8.2/kWh from next year, according to NERC. In Jos Disco, the tariff increase for 2020 is N10.1/kWh, as consumers under this Disco will have to pay N43.9/kWh, as against N33.8/kWh which they currently pay, while in Kaduna, power users will witness an increase of N9/kWh.

In Kano Disco, according to NERC, residents who are served by this Disco will witness an increase of N14.6/kWh in the tariff they pay for electricity.

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