The Managing Director/CEO of Eko Electricity Distribution Company, Adeoye Fadeyibi, has commended the Federal and Lagos State governments for their efforts in containing the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), which has become a global pandemic.

Fadeyibi said: “I applaud the effort of the Lagos and Federal governments for what they have done to combat the spread of Covid19.”

He noted that part of the EKEDC’s effort to reduce the plight of the people during this period of partial economic inactivity is that it has put in place measures to ensure that the energy demands of its customers are met by redirecting and rerouting supply to residential homes as many are expected to work from home.

Fadeyibi described the customers under the EKEDC coverage as the most informed group of customers anywhere in Nigeria. He, however, noted that it has been difficult to meet the required supply because it does not satisfy 30 per cent of its load demand.

“We receive 12-15 per cent of power from the national grid, but the energy supply does not even satisfy 30 per cent of our load demand,” he said, adding that to improve the situation it is important to address the challenges across the value chain and ensure cost-reflective tariff.

On the consistent culture of blame trading in the power sector, Fadeyibi noted that blame game is a distraction, particularly for a critical sector like the power, it does not create progress. 

What was important for the sector, he said, is to be focused on a sustainable solution.

Fadeyibi also commended the EKEDC workforce, especially those he described as providing essential services who will be working throughout this time to ensure effective supply.

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