Tanzania has expressed its commitment to distributing natural gas to households to conserve and protect the environment and reduce women’s heavy workload of searching firewood.

Yesterday, the Tanzanian Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) gas engineer, Dora Ernest, said TPDC was committed to ensuring households had natural gas for domestic use.

This was expressed by more than seven TPDC women engineers during the just ended Annual Engineers Day.

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They also encouraged girls to opt for science subjects. During interviews with a news medium at their exhibition pavilion at the weekend, the engineers commended TPDC for availing them with all opportunities to deliver and trust them in their performance as they were more than -20 women engineers.

“We will ensure the gas reaches households as doing so we will reduce women’s heavy workload as they walk long distances to look for firewood. Using gas will help conserve the environment for present and future generations,” she said.

Another gas engineer, Ms Tumaini Daniel, was proud that she was among the team that made it possible for the distribution of natural gas to industries and Tanesco. She said if women were given an opportunity they would be self-confident and efficient at work.

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For their part, Ms Felister Aggrey and Ms Koleta Selsi – both of them being petroleum engineers- said working on downstream and LNG distribution had been a success thus showcasing their prowess as women engineers.

“I urge other institutions where there are engineering posts they should consider women. They can work wonders and contribute to economic development,” she said. Ms Gwantwa John, said controlling pressure, temperature and equal distribution of gas and electricity was something that made her proud.

She said reliable and sustainable power supply was crucial, thus she was doing all her best to ensure she was part of national development through her work.

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Ms Florah Benedicto (Mechanical Engineer) said TPDC had shown the lead since as it had given them employment and enabled them to showcase their skills and competence. She said there was a need to change people’s mindset as most of them believed engineering was for men only.

By Chibisi Ohakah, Abuja

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