Fire caused by oil thieves and pipeline vandalism

Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) yesterday assured members of the public of seamless supply and distribution of petroleum products supply in the country throughout the Yuletide season and beyond.

The company said despite the pipeline oil fire in along Atlas Cove-Mosimi, part of the System 2B pipeline in Baruwa Swamp area of Lagos, members of the public will not experience any disruption of production and distribution of products in any part of the country

The corporation said preliminary reports of the incident indicated that the fire outbreak might have been caused by an act of vandalism by suspected oil thieves who had hacked into the line to intercept flow of petrol.

A spokesman of the Corporation said the NNPC in conjunction with the Lagos State were able to manage and contain the fire, while repair works have commenced, which will lead to speedy restoration of the pipeline operations. The corporation commended all stakeholders for their prompt response,

NNPC assured the general public that the pipeline will be put back into operation shortly, while the breach has no impact on petroleum products supply in the area.

The corporation confirmed that it has 116million litres of PMS in Mosimi Depot, 7.5million litres in Satellite Depot and 35million litres in Ibadan depots, all within System 2B network.

By Chibisi Ohakah

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