Standardized Concept to Speed Up Global LNG Development

PARIS, June 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — On June 3rd, Jereh launched its Playwell Micro LNG Solution at the World Gas Conference 2015 in Paris. The innovative solution is specially designed in four standardized packages to achieve LNG production capacity of 1.0mmscfd, 2.0mmscfd, 4.0mmscfd and 6.0mmscfd, ensuring the shortest project period in only 20 weeks and thus 60% savings in project cycle and 20% in project cost.

The four standardized packages in the solution can have wider applications for CBM, pipeline gas, shale gas, and boil off gas liquefaction. All modules are designed in a compact skid-mounted structure with standardized key equipment, including Ariel’s compressor and Caterpillar’s engine. For liquefaction processes, the solution offers advanced SMR, N2 expansion and PCMR processes for better production efficiency.

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“The standardized design greatly reduces the project cycle in engineering design, product procurement and delivery time by 60%,” said Mr. Weibin, Vice President of Jereh Group. “It could achieve the shortest project period of 20 weeks; 15 weeks for all processes from contract signing to product delivery and 5 weeks from installation to LNG production upon the completion of civil work, thus investment returns six months earlier compared with conventional small-scale LNG projects.

Moreover, standardized packages will bring bulk purchasing and production, so cost will reduce when the solution is widely applied. And it is good that an intelligent remote control system is adopted to achieve real-time data acquisition by mobile phones, and other terminals, offering easier and safer onsite operation with less labor cost.

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Growing demand for natural gas has made micro LNG solutions more attractive for future investments. However, the long project cycle, complex design and low economic efficiency often deter its development.” said Mr. Li, “We are confident that our Playwell Micro LNG Solution will speed up its development, and help customers with shorter project cycle and higher economic returns.”

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