• Energy giant, Equinor, awards Johan Sverdrup offshore platform production team for cost and sustainability achievements
  • New Clariant product used is 6 times more efficient than previous solution

The Equinor production team on the Norwegian offshore oil platform – the Johan Sverdrup, has won Equinor’s, May 2020 “Hero Award”.

Clariant Oil Services in a statement made available to Orient Energy Review said the award was in recognition of outstanding operational improvements, the offshore oil platform has attained in recent times.

The monthly honor highlights great cost, sustainability or personnel achievements around Equinor’s energy projects globally.

It stated that as part of Clariant’s production chemical supply contract for Johan Sverdrup, Equinor has worked with Clariant to optimize the volume of the oxygen scavenger being used on the platform, Johan Sverdrup.

Adding that in close partnership, Clariant Oil Services and the Johan Sverdrup production team worked to find a more optimized product.

“As part of our optimization process our team took the existing O2 remover being used by the platform, Clariant’s incumbent product, a liquid grade sulfite based oxygen scavenger, and looked at how we could make it a more efficient product, formulating a catalyzed version,” said Jarle Skjold, Global Corporate Account Manager at Clariant Oil Services.

In field trials, the teams were able to reduce the volume of the O2 remover used. After replacing the incumbent product, with the specially formulated Clariant replacement product, the installation was able to achieve significant cost savings of around USD 800,000 annually, as well as multiple sustainability improvements including reduced chemical and energy usage, and production and shipping efficiencies.

“We are thrilled for our production colleagues on the Johan Sverdrup who have been recognized with this award.

“We are proud of our working partnership, with a focus on the need for optimization in terms of the cost and sustainability of operations, and that this helped to achieve the Hero Award” continued Jarle Skjold.

The Johan Sverdrup is one of Norway’s largest oilfields and will, at peak production, supply 25% of the Norwegian oil supply.

Production started in October 2019 where Clariant was awarded the production chemical supply contract in 2017 and has been part of the project phase supporting Equinor in the development of this giant new oil field.

By Peace Obi

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