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WORLD GAS CONFERENCE 2018 Program is now LIVE and Early Bird Registration OPEN! You can now access the full conference program which will allow you to search for your areas of interest and business activity. Click http://wgc2018.com/programto build your own program. WGC 2018 will deliver more opportunities for structured networking than any other global gas event.


Conducted since 1931, WGC 2018 is the largest, most high-profile and significant global gas conference and exhibition. WGC 2018 will be the definitive gathering of influential leaders, buyers and sellers, policy-makers and experts from around the world. It is the first time ever that the World Gas Conference will be held in a country that is both the largest producer and consumer of natural gas.


Fueling the Future

The IGU USA Presidency established the theme for the triennium as Fueling the Future. The theme communicates in a simple and manner the important future role and promise of natural gas.


Clean, abundant natural gas has the potential to affect every aspect of life throughout the world, from the traditional role of heating and cooking, to power generation, products, and the of people and products. Indeed, natural gas can be viewed as a foundation fuel across the globe. Fueling the future with natural gas means a world with a vastly improved urban air quality across the globe. The IGU has established 11 Committees and 2 Task Forces to address a wide range of topics confronting the gas industry, under the guidance of the IGU Coordination Committee, which is responsible for overseeing all areas of the WGC program. The Committees and Task Forces have undertaken a broad array of studies, best practices and presentations specific to their areas of focus. Their efforts will shape the program that will be presented at the “27th World Gas Conference, Washington D.C., June 25-29, 2018”.


Close to 1000 industry specialists and experts from around the world work during the three-year period to produce a program that features 500 speakers delivering the most up-to-date and business critical issues in the gas industry.For more programme details, please visit: http://wgc2018.com/program/


A Selection of Confirmed Keynote Speakers

More world class leaders have joined this growing list of more than 30 show-stopping keynote speakers, including Chairman & CEO​ of Gazprom, Alexey Miller, the Minister of Energy &Minerals, Indonesia, H.E. Ignasius Jonan, Chairman of the Board of Tellurian, ChaifSouki and Chairman & CEO of ConocoPhillips, Ryan Lance. Join the growing list of distinguished speakers! Be a part of the world’s largest gas conference with more than 4000 delegates, 70 sessions, 500 speakers, share knowledge, expertise and promote the benefits of natural gas as a global energy solution.See here a selection of CONFIRMED SPEAKERS http://wgc2018.com/all-speakers.



Sponsorship and Exhibition Update

WGC 2018 floor plan has now exceeded 85% capacity!

If you are interested in participating as an exhibitor you should inquire now. Don’t miss your chance to participate in the exhibition at the World Gas Conference. 
1.Exclusive early bird price incentives for stand bookings expire June 30, 2017
2.Every week that passes new exhibitors are reserving the best remaining places


The gas energy community is welcomed to attend this prestigious event. Please stay tuned for updates and more announcements!


Contact & registration information:

Program:Any questions relating to the Call for Abstracts and Program please contact [email protected] or call +44 20 7978 0033


Delegate Registration:Any questions relating to the registration please
Contact  [email protected] or Call +44 (0) 20 7978 0006 Or book online at www.conference.com

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