Lumos Nigeria is the leading solar power and off-grid solar home systems, provider. It is also the pioneers of Mobile Electricity Service in Nigeria. Lumos has called on residents in Nigeria’s urban communities to adopt the use of solar energy as part of effective energy mix option for their critical and basic electricity needs.

According to the company’s Vice President Marketing, Mr. Olufemi Ashipa, this would help solve a very large extent the country’s energy crisis. Speaking at the Solar Future Nigeria 2018 conference, held at the Sheraton Hotel Abuja, Mr. Ashipa noted that while power supply remains a major issue in Nigeria, residents in urban communities in the country lead the park in the adoption of very expensive and climate-damaging option for generating power compared to solar energy solutions which are cheaper, safer and an environmentally friendlier option in the energy supply mix.

He says “Data shows that 61% of Micro SMEs in Nigeria spend between ₦500 to ₦1000 per day on fuel and as many as 85% of micro and small businesses rely on generators for the supply of electricity. As a result, it is critical to note that the explosion in generator sales is driven by urban Nigeria and not the rural areas and the bottom line is, we spend a lot more in trying to solve our power issues.

Ashipa believes that with 60m generators in Nigeria, mostly held in the urban environments, Nigeria’s electricity sector will continue to lose N24 billion monthly to the electricity-generator market. Yet if we carefully look through the issues surrounding power in Nigeria, we would also understand that solar power solutions can solve half of the problems we currently face in the sector”,

He argued that with Lumos Nigeria would be committed to improving the quality of life through access to reliable, accessible electricity, it is also plausible to state that solar solutions can best solve half of the problems we have in the sector. He believes that Nigerians need to unlearn the way they approach solar power generation and should seek for optimized electricity results. According to him, “The first principle of solar power is for people to first understand what it can or cannot do.

If we remember clearly the revolution in the banking system through the credit and debit cards years ago, it took a while for people to trust the system. After a while, we became used to the system. He noted further that; “even though most solar solutions come with an initial financial commitment, users can save more in the medium and long-term compared to the cost of running generators; reducing drastically the average monthly spend on electricity.

Lumos Nigeria is a solar power energy solutions provider operating in Nigeria. The company has been in operations extensively for about four years with presence in the 36 states of the federation and subscribers across Nigeria

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