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Mikano International Limited has reiterated its commitment to local content policy implementation, stating that the power generation company remains avid to government policies that benefit the economic growth and development of Nigeria.

The company’s Public Relations Officer, Mr David Pakur in an exclusive chat with OER during the 2018 Future Energy Nigeria conference and exhibition in Lagos recently, said that no genuine business should have issues with government policies on improving local value creation and retention in the country.

Placing Mikano International Limited’s local content compliance at 85 per cent, Pakur said, “if you are opportune to visit our facility, I need not tell you but Mikano works on nothing less than 85 per cent of local content.

“The local content policy affects every other company, but being an indigenous company, it has not been difficult for us to actually oblige with. With my experience so far, as long as you do business genuinely, you will always find the possibility of following the policies and trend of the government of the country you are doing business.

“So it has not really been a problem, because we try as much as possible to do business in line with the government policies and that is why we are still here these 25 years.”

Speaking further Pakur said, “Well, the truth of the matter is that to the Nigerian market, people see us more or less like the market for the people as far as am concerned. So, we get help from the fact that we have been able to support the Nigerian economy in this sector to a level that people can actually have us on their lips.

“We manufacture locally, we don’t import. Yes, we probably import some of the parts but we manufacture here. Like the generators, we couple it here. We just bring in the parts. In fact most of the other things like the soundproof, we are the ones who do the soundproof ourselves.”

Continuing, Pakur said that the power generation company in its 25 years of operation in Nigeria has distinguished itself through quality and innovative solutions to the Nigerian power problem. Stressing that Mikano’s energy solutions are designed along the economic needs of the country, the PRO noted that the company’s business isn’t threatened by the avalanche of renewable solutions available in the Nigerian energy market. Adding that renewable energy source would not dislodge other energy sources but would rather exist side by side with them.

He said, “When we talk about this alternative energy, it’s more or less the newest technology in the power solution space. When electricity came into place, it took us several years to get to a stage and we have not even gotten it right up till now. So, when we talk about this renewable energy, we are just about to start in Nigeria. And for my company, I will say we are moving with the trend of technology. We started with the production of generators but we have diversified into a whole lot of things.

“We might not be doing the renewable energy thing in terms of the solar and the rest for now. But I am very sure that technologically wise, we are looking into the better part of the economy when it comes to renewable energy.

Talking about going green as well, we have a couple of products like my gas engine from the NTU onsite energy. So with all these and going into the big power generation project, Mikano as a company is trying as much as possible to fit into the economic needs of the nation.

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