Ghana: Solar powering of SHS will cost $420 million

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By Dirisu Yakubu with agency reports

In Ghana, the implementation of the solar electrification plan for the country’s high schools is valued at $420 million. This was stated by Seth Maho, deputy director of the energy at the ministry of energy.

“We have counted more than 500 secondary schools already in Ghana from the Ministry of ’s database. On the average if we are to give each of these secondary schools 100 KW of solar, we’ll approximately $420 million. This will be the initial investment, however, you’ll have to change certain components over time,” the official said.

Sustainable funding sources are needed to successfully carry out the programme, according to the official, since neither the nor the schools themselves have the means to finance the infrastructures, on their own. This would help not repeat the experience recorded by the University of Ghana where the institution is not even able to properly use the 1MW solar plant built there.

Ghana’s government said it plans to bring to 10% the share of energies, hydropower included, in its energy mix.

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