A Singapore based technology firm, G8 Subsea, has announced its contract agreement with BUI Power Authority Ghana to install a full turnkey 65MW system at the BUI Hydro Dam facility.

The dam, which is a gravity roller-compacted concrete dam, located at the Bui National Park in Ghana, is to generate 400mw of power and will facilitate irrigation of about 30,000ha of land.

A report said construction was initially estimated at $622m, but a cost review conducted in 2012 raised that amount by $168m.

The first phase of the project included detailed field investigations and preparatory work, while the second phase comprised construction of the main dam, a spillway, a power house, and transmission lines.

In an announcement made by G8 Subsea yesterday, the company will install the GPM-65 floating solar system- featuring G8’s new generation floatation and high output Photovoltaic modules to increase the power production capacity of hydro power plants with an advanced power management system.

This, the company said, will ensure efficient power and load transfer between solar and hydro-power.

G8 Subsea is a Singapore-based technology company with global expertise in offshore and marine renewable energy projects.

The company said the GPM-65 solar-hydro system will occupy approximately 350,000m2 of water space at Black Volta River close to the Hydro dam vicinity.

“G8 will incorporate the Solar-Hydro system with its marine engineered mooring and flotation technology to cater to different depth variations of the dam throughout the year,” the statement said.

G8’s management and local joint venture partner KW Renewables conducted a site assessment of the hydro dam facility to initiate logistics and project preparation with the BUI operations team. The system is targeted to be commissioned by the third quarter of 2023.

Chidi Ekpewerechi

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