Ethiopia’s Electricity Export Revenue Reached Over $66m Last Year

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Ethiopia generated $66.4 million during the past fiscal year thanks to the export of part of its electricity to Sudan and Djibouti, Agence Ecofin has reported. The performance represents 16% of the initial annual objectives.

The report said that Ethiopia, electricity export revenues amounted to $ 66.4 million for the fiscal year that ended in July 2020. According to the EEP, the national power company, this amount is more than 16% to the objective initially set by the country in terms of income from electricity exports. The country had indeed counted on a of $ 57 million.

The exported electricity mainly served Sudan and Djibouti, whose shipments reached $29.3 million and $37.1 million respectively. This improvement was made possible by the increased performance of the hydroelectric dams which received a sufficient quantity of water during the year.

Ethiopia aims to create better electricity integration with other countries in the region, including Sudan, Somalia and Kenya. It is also building an interconnection with the latter, whose commissioning is imminent.

The country, which will soon significantly its electric power with the commissioning of the hydroelectric dam of the Great Renaissance (6,450 MW), intends to become a major player in the regional energy market.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

By Chibisi Ohakah, Abuja 

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