Danish Agencies to Launch Market Dialogue on Hydrogen Infrastructure

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The Danish Energy Agency, the country’s electricity and gas grid operator, Energinet, and gas distributor Evida are set to launch, this August, a market dialogue on the interest and for hydrogen infrastructure.

The initiative is coming up during a wait time for Danish and regulations about hydrogen and will assist in developing the hydrogen infrastructure in Denmark.

Reports say a feasibility study by Energinet has already commenced. The study is aimed at the hydrogen backbone in Jutland with links to Germany and a future hydrogen storage LI. Torup. The study is expected to be completed in the first quarter of the coming year. It will also look into the potential repurposing of existing methane infrastructure for hydrogen storage and transport.

Energinet said in an announcement that the study aligns with the Hydrogen backbone presented by 31 European transmission system operators.

Evida has released a report titled “Do the energy factories of the future have a sea view?” which examines locations for hydrogen, CO2 capture and Power-to-X projects.

According to the company, local hydrogen and CO2 infrastructure can be created in two to three years, while longer regional stretches in four to five years. It also projects large synergies from developing and operating distribution networks for methane (natural gas or biogas), hydrogen and water (CO2).

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