Some concerned staff of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) have expressed worry about what they described as a secret management plan to establish the office of the Executive Director Project in favour of a particular staff in violation of the company’s organizational structure.

They staff claimed in a petition circulated to newsmen in Abuja on Monday that there are only four known executive directors in the company, namely Transmission Service Provider, Independent Service Operator, Finance and Account, and Human Resource and Capacity Building.

In the document, which they said had been forwarded to the minister of power, Mr. Abubakar Aliyu, The aggrieved workers alleged that there is a move by the general manager, project coordination, with the blessing of ‘powers that be’ to create and occupy position of Executive Director; Project.

“This move is unethical and grossly infringes on the Electric Power Reform Act 2005. This move is unacceptable to the staff and to the system in TCN,” the workers said.

According to them, it violates the Federal Character Principle because the staff in question and the current executive director, resource and capacity building, Mr. Justin Ishaya Dodo, are from the same Kaduna state.

“Furthermore, a committee set up by the former managing director to investigate the staff in question found many anomalies in his activities on the project management unit.

“He is accused of collaborating with training consultants for kickbacks, including organizing training for his associates and himself, while the money (foreign currencies) will be collected, but the training is not attended.

“This is pure corruption training and against work ethics. We are calling on the minister of power to, as a matter of urgency, intervene to stop the illegal move because, if left to materialize, it will send a wrong signal to the power sector that anyone can buy his way to get any position even if it violates the EPSR Act and the Federal Character Principles, including natural justice,” the aggrieved staff stated.

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