The Rural Electrification Agency (REA) has informed that the submission deadline for the Expression of Interest Document (EOI) for renewable energy concept and technology demonstration grant and the rural electrification fund grant 2022 Projects slated for 1st August 2022 has been extended for two weeks.

The announcement on Monday, the REA said, was specially for the attention of all interested renewable energy developers and the general public to an earlier advertisement published in the Federal Tenders Journal, and some frontline newspapers in Nigeria on July 11, 2022.

“By this notice, the new submission deadline is noon, 14th August 2022. The opening of Pre-qualification documents will follow immediately after the submission deadline,” the notice said.

It said further that as earlier published, all other conditions of the Pre-qualification remain the same and valid.

This extension is one of the many times the REA has extended the submission of EOI. The REA had some months back announced its plan to build new solar power mini grids scheduled to be built by the agency under the Nigerian Electrification Project (NEP) to provide stable electricity supplies to rural communities in Nigeria and make them economically prosperous.

The project is private sector-driven, but will be supervised by REA. According to REA, “the Mini Grid Minimum Subsidy Tender aims to kick-start the Nigerian market and catalyze mini grid deployment at scale.

Mini grid developers will compete on the basis of quality (technical proposal) and price (minimum subsidy requirement) to build, own, and operate solar hybrid mini grids. The REA will provide the minimum subsidies required to the successful proposers.

REA said that premium has been placed on 250 sites in Niger, Sokoto, Ogun and Cross River States, noting that the sites will be packaged into lots by states to promote scale in procurement and efficiency.

The agency stated that the selection would involve two processes. The processes are: Initial selection state and competitive phase. “The REA has prioritized 250 sites to be tendered, spread across four states: Niger, Sokoto, Ogun, and Cross River states. These sites will be packaged into lots, by state, to encourage economies of scale in procurement and efficiency in operations and management.

The Tender will be implemented in two phases. The first phase will be a pilot for 57 sites; the remaining sites will be tendered in the second phase.

“The selection consists of a two-stage process. At the invitation for initial selection stage, proposers will need to demonstrate that they are eligible and qualified. Proposers that are initially selected will then be invited to submit proposals to serve a pre-defined number of customers, with a pre-defined quality of service.

Initially selected proposers may submit proposals for one or more lots. The technical and financial proposals will be evaluated to determine who is awarded each lot.

“After the competitive phase, the process can be divided into two stages. Successful proposers will first enter into a grant agreement with the REA. Then, once developers have built their mini grids and connected their customers, the grants will be disbursed upon verification that customers have been connected to the network and have been provided satisfactory service,” REA said.

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