The US has informed that it has committed $200million towards the achievement of the stated that the Clean Energy Demand Initiative over which an agreement was signed recently in Abuja.
US special presidential envoy for climate, Mr. John Kerry who signed the agreement with Nigeria’s minister of environment in Abuja, in the nation’s capital, stated that the money would to the startup and the process of safety for the program.

According to the minister of environment, Nigerian minister of environment, Mr. Muhammed Abdullahi, explained that the agreement will ensure that Nigeria makes clean energy accessible. According to him, the Clean Energy Demand Initiative serves basically to sustain the recently launched Nigeria Energy Transition Plan.

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“We are excited to see you and to see how we can explore opportunities for collaboration for effective implementation of the set goals. Like you mentioned earlier, Nigeria     has register milestones in our efforts towards achieving net zero commitment. 2060.

“Part of what we trying to do with the consent of the President is to actually pass the National Climate Change Act. the National Climate Change Act is basically to mainstream all climate change issues being operated in silos, in various MDAs ministries, departments, agencies of government, and then to see how we can also mainstream the private sector practitioners in Climate Change activities,” the minister explained.

Mr. John Kerry said the agreement signed with the US is an initiative that started in Glasgow. “The Clean Energy Demand Initiative is a way by which companies and countries can make decisions to try to implement the buying or the production of green products.

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“Also to accelerate the marketplace creation in that will help us transition faster to a Clean Energy Economy in order to deal with the Climate crisis,” Mr. Kerry stated.
He said that the future and citizens of Nigeria would benefit from cleaner air, and job opportunities that would come with the transition. “But we know that ultimately this transition is going to take billions of dollars and even trillions of private investment.

“And we talked today about the ways in which we can be helpful to bring major amount of capital to the table with technology to help Nigeria, move faster to the clean energy economy,”  he told the audience during the agreement signing ceremony in Abuja 

Kerry assured that the US would work with the Nigerian government to implement its climate change action plan, its long term future and sustainability for Nigeria and the African continent.

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“We would like to explore with you how we can increase the ambition that you have set out already in your Nationally Determined Contribution [NDCs], the plans of the National Council on Climate Change recognizing that Nigeria is a very important country with respect to the crisis that we face.

“You are a producer of fossil fuel you have enormous gas reserves. But you also have great respect for the land and great concern about how to proceed forward. So I would like to explore with you and listen to you to think through how we can work together as you implement your own climate change.” Mr Kerry said

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