Specialist e-learning company, Norwell EDGE has launched an immersive 3D training scenario game for oil and gas workers.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Norwell EDGE said through the game, players are transported to virtual rigs where they can explore the layout, equipment and systems needed to drill wells.

With an objective to test, improve and build practical skillset of oil and gas workers through technological incorporation, each task on the program is aligned with the content and learning outcome of the company’s digital training program. The training program aims to be a catalyst in seeing the increased participation of locals in the oil and gas industry amid the energy transition, which will require new skillset in East Africa and beyond.

Noting that oil and gas training could benefit from the digital transformation currently taking place in the operations segment of the sector, Mike Adams, co-founder of Norwell EDGE said: “With the current limitations for face-to face training, digital learning is needed now more than ever. The gamification of learning not only significantly increases knowledge retention – especially compared to traditional classroom training – but also allows learners to practice their newly acquired skills in a safe environment.”

The virtual training programs can be adapted to specific company projects and activities on both onshore and offshore wells.

“There is so much value in this platform and in the new digital tools EDGE is developing. Embracing new technology is essential for the development of the region’s current and future oil & gas professionals,” said Elizabeth Rogo, founder and CEO of TSAVO Oilfield Services and President of the African Energy Chamber, East Africa.

“We must continue to knock down the barriers to training, opening up access to this type of complex information. Technology that allows people to train while experiencing realistic rig-type environments will help to level the playing field and allow our workforce to build the skills needed to drive the region forward,” she added.

To learn more and play the demonstrator game available on pc and laptop here: www.norwelledge.com/game

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