A gas consumer group has called on the Nigerian authorities to incorporate more qualified Liquefied Petroleum Gas Marketers to enable cooking gas consumers have more cheap and affordable commodity in their various homes.

The group, Cooking Gas Consumers’ Association of Nigeria (CGCAN) said yesterday that licensing other marketers to function as off-takers is what is what obtains in similar climes, and what is needed to deal with the Nigeria situation.

They defined Off-takers as dealers are licensed by Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas [NLNG] to buy gas directly from NLNG and sell to petroleum gas marketers in the country.

National President of CGCAN, Dr Hakeem Olajide, in the statement said the appeal became necessary following “the shrouded process of selecting who qualifies as an Offtakers by the NLNG.”

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According to him, the “agency had been accused by some industry players of high-level favoritism in the manner they select Offtakers, who are mostly individuals without the industry requisite qualifications.”

He said some of the unqualified Offtakers are being licensed against the interest of qualified plant gas owners, who ought to be licenced and included as Offtakers for the purposes of making cooking gas more available and affordable to Nigerians.

Olajide said that as a result of the manner the selection of these Off-takers are done and the limited number of those who were selected, there exist a “cabal-controlled market in determining the price of cooking gas in the country, as they now supply the cooking gas to marketers at exorbitant prices.”

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He lamented that despite the efforts of the federal government through the ministry of petroleum to make the product available for common Nigerians, some alleged cabal has made it impossible for such government efforts to yield any positive results.

The association called on FG to address the issues of Offtaker selection and create room for more qualified hands to be part of the offtaking, in an effort to enable the availability of the commodity to ordinary Nigerians.

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