…NCDMB charges indigenous companies on compliance

Halfway into a 10-year Strategic Road Map guideline it created for enhanced indigenous participation and utilisation of local assets in oil and gas operations, industry regulator, Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB) has scored itself 54% Nigerian achievement level.

Speaking at the 11th Practical Nigerian Content Workshop organised by the Board at Uyo, Akwa Ibom state, the executive secretary of the NCDMB, Mr. Simbi Kesiye Wabote, said the average of Nigerian Content performance in the last five years is 44%.

This figure, he said, represents the period the 10-year Nigerian Content Strategic Roadmap has been implemented so far. According to him, the performance in 2022 above is well above the 42 percentage target set by the project management office (PMO), just like in 2021 when 42% was achieved, above the target of 38%.

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The tracking of the performance is based on the Board’s monitoring and evaluation of industry activities. The technical capability development pillar of the Road Map stands out as a major highlight as fabrication and construction, hitherto under near-total dominance by foreign firms, had 99% Nigerian content during the period under review. He further disclosed that as at November 2023, out of 96 initiatives under the short- and medium-term categories of the Road Map, 77 of them had been completed.

Wabote informed that manpower in the oil and gas industry had reached 81% Nigerian content as of November, while project management as of that month was 80%.

He revealed that for the board, in the year 2022, “performance was largely driven by the contracts awarded under the [Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas], Train 7 Project.”

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He added however that low points in accomplishment were in procurement, engineering and services, with Nigerian content as unimpressive as 34, 46, and 50% respectively. These, he assured, would be sufficiently addressed in the months ahead.

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