Subsurface data providers Geoex and Bilview have made a portion of Nigeria’s national well data portfolio available at reproduction cost to pre-qualified bidders of the 2020 marginal fields bid round.

The core data pack includes more than 50 wells and will be available to successful applicants at reproduction costs only during the data prying stage of the bid round. In addition, further two packages will be on offer under interesting pricing conditions. These advanced sets will include infill wells and other complementary data in and around the marginal fields.

The well data portfolio is offered to the industry under an exclusive agreement with the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR). The bid round’s custom data pack will be composed of core wells located in the estimated marginal fields.

An Oil Review Africa report yesterday said that this set will be available to interested companies immediately, subject to signature of the licensing agreement and terms and conditions. Uplift fees will apply upon placing a bid.

Executive vice-president of Geoex Ltd, Jean-Philippe Rossi, , said, “Pre-qualified companies will be able to access the data without paying premiums associated with a regular data license, making them an excellent source for evaluation of these marginal fields. This is a one-time opportunity for the indigenous Nigerian companies, which Geoex and Bilview are offering in support of the ongoing bid round.”

He said his companies have carefully designed these well packages to offer a flexible price schedule to interested parties. “We are being mindful of the current industry situation and want to allow pre-qualified companies to use our data to their advantage,” Rossi said.

The national well data are available to the industry all year round via a dedicated portal, where companies can browse, select and request data information. The full portfolio comprises high-quality workstation-ready well logs, correlative well information, and on-demand log suites for more than 7,000 wellbores. The web portal showcases the well repository since 2011.

Chibisi Ohakah, Abuja

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