The Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission (NUPRC) has said that it working hard to achieve additional 400,000b/d from some mega projects, to enable it surpass the 1.8million barrels per day (mb/d) quota for Nigeria

The chief executive officer of NUPRC, Mr. Gbenga Komolafe although Nigeria’s production output has increased lately to 1.6mb/d, efforts to rake in more volumes from the major projects in Prowe, Owowo, the Bonga North and Bonga Southwest are yielding expected results.
“Our core focus is how we can get the mega projects like the Prowe, Bonga North, the Bonga South West Aparo, the Owowo to major projects with combined volume of about 400,000 barrels per day,” he said.

According to him, in view of the approvals for Field Development Programmes (FDP) for some of the 2020 marginal field bid investors, the Commission is optimistic of exceeding the OPEC quota.

“We are very optimistic about attaining and surpassing our OPEC quota. Like you said Nigeria OPEC quota is now about 1.8million barrels of oil per day.

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“Currently, with the kinetic effort being deployed by the joint security forces and the NNPC and the regulator, as at now we have been able to attain 1.6mb/d in terms of our crude oil production;

“But having said that, like I said we are very optimistic as a commission that we have the capacity to attain and surpass our OPEC quota of the figures we just talked about through the intentional efforts that the commission is making: engaging the investors.”
The commission had on assumption of office inaugurated a committee to quickly brainstorm and bring in supplementary volumes to enhance the national oil production.

“So we are engaging the operators to ensure that these projects come into fruition in real time basis. With all this happening and the current FDPs that have been approved we are very much optimistic that we will achieve and surpass our OPEC quota,” Komolafe stated
He also said his office and the Mining Cadastre Office are working towards reconciling the issue of some mining titles which were also awarded as marginal fields.

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“We are already working in collaboration with the Office of the Surveyor-General of the Federation to address the matter. Yes, we are aware of the issue. Like I said both offices are working collaboratively to resolve the issue,” he said

By Bosco Agba

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