The chairman of the Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC), Farhat Bingdara, has stressed the importance of American companies returning to work in the Libyan oil and gas sector.

Many oil workers from the American region were forced to leave Libya by the Moumar Gadaffi. Many others who remained vacated from the North African country when the push to overthrow Gadaffi peaked, whereas the troops loyal to Gadaffi said America was directly involved in the crisis.

Although the hostilities left the trenches for diplomacy and tolerance, the Libyan example became typical as it exists as one country with two governments, each controlling determined locations of the country.

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Returning from the recently held CERAWeek conference, Bingdara who heads one of Libya’s governments, said confirmed meetings by the NOC delegation with business leaders, heads of energy business for various governments.

The CERAWeek Conference, which is considered the most important annual event for international oil, gas and energy companies and institutions, which is organized every year in Houston, USA

Bingdara confirmed the offline meetings and expressed the hope that soon the Americans will return to Libya.
Some of the important American personalities Bingdara and his delegation met include U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Geoffrey Pyatt, the Deputy Minister of Energy David Turk, and the Security of State for North Africa, Victoria Taylor.

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The media office of the National Oil Corporation said the American side affirmed during the meetings “its support for NOC, and its keenness on the success of its efforts in implementing its strategy in capacity-building, raising oil and gas production, developing oil industries and refineries, and its efforts in protecting the environment, praising the increase in oil production and its stability under the new management of the Corporation.”

By Bosco Agba

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