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Energy360 Africa, a Nigeria-based data analytics and technology solutions company has launched a portfolio of innovative fuel management systems to help businesses in the downstream oil and gas sector. The system will also optimize fuel consumption, and boost revenue and maximize profit.

Current solutions offered by energy36O Africa are present in 18 cities across Nigeria with over 150 registered fuel businesses and over nine million pumps monitored daily, a statement from the company said yesterday. Products in the portfolio include the Station Manager, the e360 Volex, Station Analytics and FAM – Fuel Authorization and Management System.  The station manager is innovative cloud-based software designed to optimize fuel station operations, margins, and ensure proper controls on the forecourt.

The station manager helps to centralize data across multiple fuel stations, allowing for greater insights into stock levels, pump activity, pricing, margin management, historic sales trends, expenses and customer behaviours. 

The e360 Volex (fleet fuel management system) offers businesses the flexibility and improved controls around fleet fuelling plus access to real-time data from fuel points.

An additional feature of e360 Volex, the statement stated further, is that it features a secure payment integration to allow businesses to receive payments seamlessly, especially from their B2B customers. The station analytics caters to businesses that run multiple stations, delivering real-time data with which businesses are equipped to handle sales, stock, payments and other operational information that is aggregated to provide holistic and granular visibility of their stations.

The fuel authorization and management system (FAMS), is a comprehensive cloud-based solution for improved controls and real-time data during fuel distribution. This service is designed for the administration and control of platforms, processes and systems that guarantee the ability to accurately account for fuel products, either individually or collectively, at points of receipt, storage, distribution, consumption and issuance.

The chief executive officer of energy360 Africa, Mr Abayomi Elebute, the company is reducing losses and promoting growth by helping fuel businesses leverage tech. According to him, the solutions provided by his company have helped businesses in the oil and gas downstream sector reduce losses by at least 60 per cent.

“We are helping to boost the revenue of fuel businesses through fleet and customer loyalty programs to support your customers and eradicating price change fraud and competitor pricing analysis,” he said.

He explained that the services rendered by the energy360 Africa to oil and gas companies will in the long term help them cut down on losses through cutting edge reconciliation and fraud analysis; including alerts on stock and sales exceptions, proof of deliveries and automated replenishment, forecasting and reducing the risk of fuel scarcity.

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