C-Kore Systems deployed their Subsea Testing tools on Total’s Greater Laggan Area, West of Shetland to perform electrical testing on the field’s umbilicals.

In a statement made available to Orient Energy Review, the innovative subsea testing tools specialist company said with the fast and accurate data provided by C-Kore’s Subsea TDR, discontinuities were quickly located. Adding that it resulted to saving time and money compared to traditional subsea testing techniques.

The C-Kore Subsea Testing tools are used by operators and contractors worldwide on both fault-finding operations and new installation campaigns.

The tools provide quick feedback, saving customers money by reducing the time needed to perform subsea tests. The autonomous units also require no extra personnel offshore.

The General Manager of C-Kore, Greg Smith, said: “Our Subsea TDR tool has proven to be very valuable to our customers and the detailed information it provides is not achievable with any other measuring equipment.

“We have kept operation simple, in line with our entire design philosophy. In this day and age, automating the testing process to deploy with fewer personnel on the vessels is key.”

C-Kore received two prestigious awards in 2019. In February they won the Subsea UK Innovation and Technology award, and in April they won the coveted Queen’s Award for Enterprise, in the Innovation category.

C-Kore was designed specifically to speed up and simplify subsea testing and in the process give far more accurate measurement data.  It saves days of vessel time and more faults are found in each intervention campaign.

C-Kore subsea measurement tools find faults and prove the health of umbilicals, jumpers, control modules, down-hole sensors (or anything else) without using downlines. The tools save days of vessel time allowing more to be achieved in every offshore campaign.

 “It’s been vital to keep C-Kore tools extremely simple to use while giving the rich set of features our customers need.

“You can change settings, run measurements and view results all very easily. I’ve always believed you can gauge a product’s quality from its appearance. A C-Kore tool is not just another tin can, it’s a beautifully engineered device.”

For further information on C-Kore innovative subsea testing technology, please visit their website, www.c-kore.com

By Peace Obi

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