W/Bank Approves $43m for Electricity, Water Access in Gambia

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     …50% of Gambia lack electricity access, 69% lacks drinking water

The World Bank has granted The Gambia $43 million, for its national electricity network restoration and modernization project (GERMP) and water access initiatives. The money would be used to strengthen electricity transmission and distribution infrastructure as well as water access infrastructure.

The funding is being allocated through the International Development Association (IDA). “This support will assist the government’s efforts to strengthen the electricity and water sectors while stimulating the national response to the Covid-19 pandemic through communications and investments geared towards infrastructure such as handwashing facilities in the Greater Banjul area,” Agence Ecofin news agency quoted Elene Imnadze, the resident representative of the World Bank in The Gambia.

She said specifically, the funds will finance the strengthening of the electricity transmission and distribution network of NAWEC, the national electricity company, as well as major water access projects. She expects that more than 1.6 million people will see their access to electricity improved, following the construction and rehabilitation of 17 kilometers of transmission and distribution lines.

There are plans to implement 20 solar photovoltaic systems with storage capacity and connected to the electricity grid. Also 20,000 water meters will be installed or replaced and three water towers repaired.

Agence Ecofin reports that in The Gambia, 50% of the population does not yet have access to electricity while 69% do not have access to drinking water.

Chibisi Ohakah, Abuja 

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