Oilserv Limited is an Oil and Gas Engineering and Construction company incorporated in 1992 with the mission to provide Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance Services to Power, Oil & Gas companies / industries. Oilserv is a vision conceived and developed by Engr. Emeka Okwuosa at a time when indigenous participation in the technical area of Oil and Gas industry was a novelty and in some cases non-existent.

Emeka Okwuosa remains the Chairman / Chief Executive Officer and has pooled the expertise of highly experienced Engineers, Technicians and other support personnel to provide Total Quality Service (TQS) to her valued customers in the Oil and Gas Industry operating both on land and in swamp. We have since extended our services to offshore.

Oilserv Limited has proven its strength in Oil and Gas Pipeline, Oil and Gas Flow Line, Oil and Gas Facilities as well as in Gas Turbine Power Generation areas. Activities in these areas cover Engineering, Construction, Repairs, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance, Fabrication, Procurement and Project Management.

Oilserv Group comprises of; Oilserv Limited, Frazimex Engineering, FrazPower Limited, FrazOil E&P Limited, Ekcel Farms Limited and Crown Energy Resources Limited.

Oilserv Limited is ISO 9001:2000 certified, compliant to Nigerian Content Law, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and ISO 260000 (CSR)


Our main areas of services on Land, Swamp and Offshore locations are as follows:

*EPC of Oil & Gas Pipelines/Facilities, including Gas Metering Stations, Flow Stations, Pigging Stations, Pressure *Reduction Metering Stations (PRMS), Line Break valve Stations (LBV’s), Manifold Stations, etc.

*EPC of Flow lines

*Oil & gas Pipeline & Flowline Upgrade, Repairs, Maintenance and Rehabilitation

*Oil & Gas Facilities Upgrade , Repairs, maintenance and Rehabilitation

*EPC of gas Fired Power Plants and associated facilities.

*Mechanical and Structural Fabrication

*Process Piping, including Hook-up and Tie-in works

*Associated Electrical/Instrumentation and telecommunication works

*EPC of Crude Oil/Product Storage Tanks including Maintenance, Repairs, Upgrade and Rehabilitation (Horizontal, *Vertical and Underground Storage Tanks)

*Foreign and Local Procurement/Supply of associated Materials and Equipment

*Non Oil & Gas Facilities Upgrade, Maintenance, Repairs and Rehabilitation

*Construction and Installation of Cathodic protection Systems


*EPC of Gas processing/stripping facilities

*Project management Services

Our Detailed Design and Front End Engineering (FEED) support is provided by our member company Frazimex Engineering Limited. Our strong determination in providing new definition to the Local Content initiatives has not only helped in putting us on the fore front of our local contemporaries but has also provided reasons for us to enhance our resource base in order to meet the status of the multinationals.

Oilserv currently has staff strength of 500 well trained staff, out of which about 25 are at management level. It is noteworthy to note that the entire staff strength is Nigerian.

With emphasis on HSE-CA, Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QA/QC), we have successfully completed and delivered several Gas Pipeline Construction/associated Facilities and Maintenance Contracts for Clients such as SPDC, NAOC, OANDO GAS AND POWER (GASLINK NIG. LTD., AKUTE POWER LTD., EAST HORIZON GAS COMPANY LTD.), TOTAL E&P NIG. LTD., GLOBAL GAS AND REFINING LIMITED, NGC, NLNG, NOTORE, GEOMETRIC POWER ABA LIMITED (GPAL), UMUGINI ASSET COMPANY LTD. (UACL) AND SEPTA ENERGY LIMITED whiles our contracts with NNPC, OANDO GAS AND POWER (GASLINK NIG. LIMITED), TOTAL E&P NIGERIA LIMITED and NLNG are still on-going.

Our goal is to deliver services to our Clients according to international Standard, Codes and Specifications, while the Health, Safety, Environment and Security concerns of our Personnel and that of our host and impacted communities and stakeholders within our areas of Operations are guaranteed.

Oilserv has undertaken numerous high profile projects since inception. Some key ones are:

  • Construction, Testing and Commissioning of 37.8KM X 24- INCH Oron Gas transmission pipeline system, including the associated pigging facilities. The gas transmission pipeline system transverses across diverse terrains and landmarks ranging from Rain forest, mangrove, Table land, valleys, Hill, Swamp and seasonal Swampy areas for SEPTA ENERGY LIMITED.
  • EPC of NIPP LOT 1 Gas transmission Pipeline system covering 16-inch and 18-inch respectively including Construction and Installation of Gas Metering station, Earth and associated Civil works for NIGER DELTA POWER HOLDING COMPANY LIMITED (NDPHC).
  • EPC of NIPP LOT 2 Gas transmission Pipeline system covering 18-inch for Egbema in Imo State, including Construction and Installation of Gas Metering Station Equipment/Facilities, Earth and associated Civil works for the Niger Delta Power Holding Company Limited (NDPHC).
  • Construction, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 51.4km x 12-inch Crude Oil Pipeline system, including other associated facilities for UMUGINI ASSET COMPANY LIMITED (UACL)
  • EPC of 27km x 12-inch Gas transmission Pipeline system including Construction and Installation of Gas Metering Station Equipment/Facilities, Earth and associated civil works for GEOMETRIC POWER ABA LIMITED (GPAL).
  • EPC of Oando 128km x 18-inch South-South Gas transmission Pipeline system, including the City Gate, PRMS, Earth and associated Civil works for EAST HORIZON GAS COMPANY LIMITED, subsidiary of OANDO GAS and POWER.
  • Fabrication, construction and installation of 36-inch TNP Oil Manifold at Ebubu, Eleme for SPDC. This project is the largest Manifold Station for SPDC in Nigeria and was completed in 2001 with very challenging community problems.
  • Leak repair of 28-inch pipeline in the swamp for SPDC, which involved the construction of 76m long cofferdam and hot tap. This project, among many of its kind already completed for SPDC in the past 9 years, was done at a record time under very difficult terrain and community challenges.
  • EPC and Maintenance of a total of 120km of 8-inch, 12-inch and 16-inch and 18-inch gas distribution pipelines in Lagos and Ikeja for GASLINK (a division of OANDO). We are currently commissioning the last phase of NPA Gate to Amuwo Odofin 12-inch line.
  • Rehabilitation of 21 nos (300,000 barrels to 600,000 barrels) crude oil storage tank in Bonny Island for SPDC. This project involves total redesign and rebuilding of the foundation, jack up of the tank, replacement of the bottom plates, redesign and replacement of the floating roofs and re-commissioning.
  • Construction of 15km X 12-inch and 15km X 4-inch oil pipeline from Elelenwa West to Agbada for SPDC.
  • Construction of 30km X 6-inch gas liquids swamp pipeline from Cawthorne Channel to Bonny River for GLOBAL GAS AND REFINING LIMITED. This project incorporates 4 major river crossings.
  • Various Emergency leak Repair projects for NLNG in swamp and on land, covering pipeline sizes from 12 inches to 36 inches.
  • Various Emergency leak Repair projects for NAOC in swamp and on land, covering pipeline sizes from 12 inches to 36 inches.
  • Construction and Commissioning of Greater Lagos Phase 3 Gas distribution pipeline system for GASLINK NIGERIA LIMITED, subsidiary of Oando Gas and Power. This covers 12 inch and 18 inch lines from Ikeja to Ojota, to Anthony, to Iganmu (NB Plc), to NPA gate, to Tin can and then to Amuwo Odofin.
  • EPC for 12MW Gas turbine Power Plant and 12 km 12 inch pipeline and facilities for AKUTE POWER LIMITED, subsidiary of Oando Gas and Power to supply power to Lagos State Iju Water Works.
  • SPDC Emergency Pipeline Repairs covering the entire SPDC pipelines in Eastern Swamp and Land. Oilserv has been executing similar works for SPDC since 1999 continuously (we are in the third contract since then).
  • EPC for the provision of 250mmscfd Pressure Reduction Metering System (PRMS) for Gas supply to Niger Delta Power Holding Company (NDPHC) Turbine Plant at Alaoji for the Nigerian Gas Company Limited, subsidiary of NNPC

Currently we are executing the following contracts:

  • EPC of Obiafu/Obrikom to Oben Node (OB3) Gas Transmission Pipeline System LOT B (67km x 48-inch), including the Engineering design of the entire Gas transmission System 130km x 48 inch and the associated Gas treatment Plant (GTP), for the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). It is worthy to note that this Gas transmission Pipeline system is the biggest Gas Pipeline system ever to be built in Nigeria and Africa.
  • Construction of Greater Lagos PHASE IV Gas Distribution Network System covering a total of 8.2km x 12-inch Gas transmission pipeline with the Design capacity of 45mmscf/d and operating capacity of 30mmscf/d.
  • Contract for Onshore Emergency Pipeline Repair Services (EPRS) for Total E&P Nigeria Limited and NLNG

Our future plan is to continue developing these services in a way that shall make us remain the premiere Company in our areas of operation while continuing to expand our services to African Countries ( viz: Republic of Benin, Uganda and Kenya) including the Gulf of Guinea.

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Be the first to know when we publish an update

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