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NuWeld Incorporated has reiterated its commitment to safety and quality, stating that it has put in place a highly capable management team with craft resources that would help expedite projects anywhere in the globe.

Nuweld in a presentation after a tour of its facilities, titled, ‘Fabricating the Future of Energy,’ disclosed that the company has a proven track record of performing projects on time and within budget.

The report noted that the company understands the importance of being responsive and focusing on its customer, while it has developed a fabrication facility with capability and capacity to handle any over the road project.

Continuing, the report said the company has, “Field group with in-house capability to perform structural, mechanical and civil scope and a management team that can provide turnkey construction services. It also has a fully staffed quality assurance/quality control and engineering departments with quality assurance programs to perform most projects, while our facilities have the capability to provide a turnkey project once initial design has been provided.”

The company further stated that it is proud to provide its customers with over 280 years of combined experience in welding, engineering and fabrication, adding that its main facility encompasses 211,000 square feet of high capability manufacturing on 24 acres with direct rail access.

“Located in the Industrial Park of Williamsport Pennsylvania, our fabrication shop is equipped with 13 over head cranes with capacities up to 20 tons. Currently offer an extensive variety of field and shop services to the nuclear, natural gas and power industries,” the company said.

The company maintained that over the years, it had adopted a zero accident/zero injuries policy, engaging accredited safety trainers, while it also provides extensive job-specific safety training for its new staff.

NuWeld noted that its welding segment is in line with approved welding procedure specification and it has the ability to qualify new welding procedures based on customer requirements and specifications with rapid turnaround.

The company said its specialty welding processes include: plasma arc welding; automatic welding; orbital welding and hard facing and corrosion resistant overlays, adding that its over 100 welding procedures qualified for various metals including: carbon steel, stainless steel, low alloy steel, titanium and aluminum.

The company maintained that it is the fabricator that has the capabilities and capacity to successfully complete projects courtesy of in-house and on-site project management and project engineers.

It noted that it has a fully staffed purchasing/ procurement team with approved vendor list and a full fleet of earth moving equipment and trucking capabilities.

“NuWeld Inc. offers a variety of specialized mechanical services worldwide. Our qualified team of engineers, technicians, and craftspeople are standing ready to carry out nuclear safety related and non-safety related work, complete natural gas and oil distribution services, individual & complete turnkey services, and ongoing inspection & post-project maintenance.

We are committed to our customers, and we ensure their satisfaction by being committed to our employees and their safety. We believe our professional dedication and personal integrity have established the values to our success. Our commitment to those values is what sets NuWeld apart from other companies which makes us stronger, our growth sustainable, and our future unlimited,” the company stated further.

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