The Shale Oil revolution is having an unprecedented impact on the global energy landscape, economy and geopolitics. Increased production capability from unconventional sources in the United States of America is setting a new global baseline for output. Some long – held narratives of the energy sector are being re-evaluated and re-written, countries are switching roles, importing nations are becoming exporters and exporters are among the major sources of growing demand. A case in point is the plummeting US oil imports due to increasing shale oil supplies and recently adopted policies to improve efficiency of cars and trucks. Long term solutions to these global challenges are scarce and long in coming.

Nigeria currently maintains an economically unstable negative net energy trade balance in which the nation exports virtually all the crude oil produced and imports a substantial part of its refined petroleum products needs while under-utilizing other energy sources such as bitumen, coal, lignite, and shale oil, thereby leading to monoculture economy that is largely dependent on crude oil export.

At the same time, there is the current reality of dwindling and/ or stagnant reserves growth. Arguably, the Niger delta is a maturing basin with declining exploration opportunities and success ratio; however, opportunities are known to abound beneath existing brown fields, which are yet to be explored.

Technology is the heart of all the significant achievements in the oil and gas industry. The way hydrocarbon is discovered, developed and produced, has been impacted by evolutionary technologies that have emerged since the Drake well of 1859.

The perception of declining profitability and competitiveness of the Nigerian operating environment which, has been exacerbated by the anxiety over the fate of the PIB, coupled with the incidents of oil and gas discoveries in other African countries, has afforded investors greater choice of investment location to the detriment of Nigeria.

It is against the backdrop of the foregoing that the Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE) will at its 33rd Annual International Conference & Exhibition be deliberating on strategies for balancing Nigeria’s energy trade, examine emerging and revolutionary technologies for hydrocarbon exploration and explore New Play concepts.

The Conference will also throw its searchlight on survival strategies for petroleum Exploration and exploitation in a challenging environment and also examine the effectiveness in the existing policies to drive growth in the oil and gas industry so as to come up with initiatives for the development of road maps and new policy initiatives.

The theme of this year’s event which holds at the Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria, from November 8 -12, 2015 is ‘’ Global energy Dynamics and Implications for Nigeria’s Energy and Economic Security’’

The event will have four major formats:


The conference holding from 8-12th November, 2015 will host speakers who are high level industry practitioners, key personnel in government and the academia, delivering technical papers on six (6) sub-themes namely:

  1. Government Policies and Implications for the Growth of the oil and Gas Industry
  2. Strategies for Balancing Nigeria’s Energy Trade
  3. Enhanced Oil Recovery and Advances in Reservoir Management: Challenges and Opportunities
  4. Exploring New Play Concepts: Deep Plays and Subtle Traps
  5. Exploring the Peri-cratonic Basins of west Africa- Establishing a regional Strategic Advantage
  6. Technology Application for Cost Efficiency and Operational Competitiveness: Recent Advances 

Special Workshop/ Management Sessions/Presentations

A Pre- Conference workshop on: ‘Survival strategies For Petroleum Exploration and Exploitation in a Challenging Environment ‘’  will hold on Monday 9 November, 2015 from 9.00am-3.00pm with the following


  1. Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu, Group Managing Director, NNPC
  2. Mr. Tony Chukwueke, former Director, DPR; current Managing Director of Tenoil
  3. Mr. Osagie Okunbor, Chairman, Shell Group of Companies in Nigeria
  4. Al Esher, Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Accenture Upstream Strategy Consulting
  5. Mr. Uwem Ukpong, President, Software Integrated Solutions (SIS)

The Pre-Conference Workshop is expected to set the tone for the entire conference. It is worthy to note that key pieces of legislation such as the Marginal Fields Act and the Deepwater Act were all based on templates that came out of previous NAPE Pre-Conference Workshop Communiques.

The All Convention Luncheon holds on Tuesday 10th November and will feature   Ali Moshri, President, Chevron Africa, who will be presenting a paper titled ’’The Global Energy Landscape- Opportunities from the Great Oil Deflation’’. The event will provide a platform to network with key executives in the global oil and gas industry as well as key stakeholders in the Nigerian economy.

Special Management Session I

 This event has the theme JV Funding Challenges and the Future of the Nigeria Oil Industry- Is Equity Reduction a Lasting Solution?” and will take place on Wednesday, 11 November, 2015

Invited Speakers are; Dr. Victor Adeniran, Group Executive Director, Commercial & Investment NNPC; Mr. Clay Neff; OPTS Chairman and Chairman/Managing Director Chevron; Mr. Austin Avuru, Managing Director/CEO SEPLAT and Mr. Ade Adeola, Managing Director/Head Energy & Chemicals Africa, Standard Charted Bank.

Special Management Session II

This session takes place on Thursday, 12 November and will focus on “Increasing Nigeria Resource Base- How, Challenges and Next Steps”.

Invited Speakers include Dr. M.K. Baru, Group Executive Director E&P NNPC; Mr. Osten Olorunsola, former Director, DPR; Dr. Ebi Omatsola, FNAPE Managing Director Conoil Producing; Mr. Ademola Bero Managing Director/CEO First E&P; and Martin Kelly; Director Research, Woodmac Sub Saharan Africa.


The exhibition will showcase   the latest technologies, products, services and competencies from major IOCs and Indigenous operators in the upstream sector of Nigeria’s oil and gas industry. For the first time, NAPE will be having a dedicated pavilion for banks/financial institutions. 

Industry Awards

The Awards Night, which is the biggest social event of the conference takes place on Thursday 12th November and will recognize individuals, institutions and corporate entities that have advanced the learning and practice of the geosciences in Nigeria and globally. Other social events include the African Night on Tuesday 10th November, extending the warmth of African hospitality to all conference attendees.

Of particular note is the NAPE 40th anniversary celebration that will be taking place during the conference. Please find time to visit NAPE exhibition booth to acquaint yourselves with the history of this great association.

The 33rd Annual International Conference and Exhibition will also provide other learning Opportunities which include the Young Professionals Programme, Short Course International Field Trip Expedition to the Karoo Basin (Deepwater fan sediments in South Africa), and a Field Trip to Southern Nigeria Sedimentary Basin as well as a Post Conference Technical Workshop/Luncheon with the theme, Subsurface Data: Nigerian Industry Standard For Exchange.

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