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is a maritime powerhouse, but in these volatile times, that message can’t be repeated often enough.

The rapid and sweeping changes brought on by the 4th Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0, have already transformed the maritime industry. Digitalization and connectivity are changing everything from ship design and construction, to fleet management and equipment monitoring.

In addition, marine money markets are jittery, the geopolitical landscape is shifting, and shipping itself is undergoing major upheavals, with players engaging in a game of maritime musical chairs where no seat is safe.

What is important in such times is for key industry forces like to reassure markets and partners that they are not only keeping up with changes, but riding the wave of opportunity and innovation.

The place to be

In order to get that message across, companies have to meet the people where they are, and Nor-Shipping is where the maritime industry will be in 2017. Billed as ‘The leading maritime event week’, the next Nor-Shipping will take the bull of change by the horns, featuring ‘Catalyst for Change’ and ‘Disruptive Sustainability’ as two major themes for the mega-popular week.

Nor-Shipping veteran reporter and editor Kathrin Lau of DVV Media Group out of Hamburg confirms the heightened relevance of the week: “Especially in the current in the maritime industry, we think it is important for suppliers, shipyards and owners alike to prepare for better times, to innovate and to present their expertise. Nor-Shipping brings together all the important players who can exchange ideas, learn from each other and – above all – show that they matter.”

Norbert Pestka, Managing Director of the Norwegian-German Chamber of Commerce, promises that the German pavilion at Nor-Shipping 2017 will be a magnet for visitors to the exhibition, featuring the latest in green technology, ship building, and ship owning and management from Germany.

Totzauer knows the international shipping community will be present at Nor-Shipping again in 2017, and he encourages German exhibitors to book their space on the pavilion as soon as possible.


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