……..Says Frustrations on the Increase Because of Crashing National Grid

The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC), has called on electricity distribution companies (Discos) to respect the rights of electricity consumers.

The Commission said in the light of lingering electricity supply disruptions, resulting from disappointments from the national grid, electricity distribution companies should be mindful of the frustration of customers.

The Commission therefore urged the companies to be mindful of their commitments to customers in this period of severe electricity shortages and customer dissatisfaction.

The Commission in its official Twitter handle @fccpcnigeria displayed some copies of consumer rights under @NERCNG Service-Based Tariff & Meter Asset Provider frameworks.

It reads “Customers shall be billed according to the hours of electricity supplied (approved band classification).

“You have a right to contest the tariff band classification you have been assigned. Payment for meters shall not be made if meters are not available.

“The Meter Asset Provider (MAP) shall install the meter at the premises of the customer within 10 working days of payment.’’

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