Ezeflow Group, world’s Largest Manufacturers of Pipe Fittings Relocates to Pennsylvania

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One of the success stories on the lips of the Pennsylvanian Economic Development partners is the relocation of top companies to the keystone state of Pennsylvania. One of such companies is the Ezeflow Group.

From a small business that once solely made stainless steel fittings, over the years Ezeflow has
become a major producer of butt weld fittings in nickel alloys, duplex, super duplex, titanium
and other high alloys as well as in value-added carbon steel.

Ezeflow has  a long standing reputation for delivering only the highest quality products all over the world, the  Group has emerged as the largest and most diverse manufacturer of pipe fittings in North America. For over 40 years, Ezeflow has been manufacturing a large selection of materials in all sizes, for every possible shape and configuration.

Since the company first opened its doors in 1972, Ezeflow has worked diligently to stay well ahead of the competition. Today, they offer products in an array of metal specialties, including corrosion
resistant alloys, clad metals, and carbon + chrome-molybdenum. In additions, fittings can be made in an assortment of sizes, starting with just a 1/2” and going through 60”, which is a size range that most manufacturers are unable to accommodate.

Ezeflow in Pennsylvania.

While carrying out a media tour of its facilities, Marty Capoferri told Orient Energy Review, that although Ezeflow’s headquarters are located in Canada, the company previously had a warehouse in Houston, Texas. Due to a downturn in the market, as well as a to cut overhead costs, the warehouse was relocated to New Castle, PA after purchasing Flowline Corp. in 2011.

The move to PA, which is the second largest natural gas producer in the US, also allows those in the Marcellus Shale and Utica Shale drilling industry easy access to any fittings they may need, especially in situations that require maintenance. Most importantly, the state and local government – Lawrence County in Pennsylvania helped Ezeflow to secure a $6 million loan – low interest for the company to retool its plant. Capoferri said the state has also helped with export grants, thereby creating a soft landing for the Group.

Ezeflow USA Flowline Division has locations in the US, Canada and the UK. Offering 24 / 7 manufacturing and delivery worldwide, from a large inventory of all materials, in all sizes from plate, welded or seamless tubular products, for every shape and configuration.

Ezeflow group were a part of several large projects in Australia in 2007-08, and also involved in Involved in many large projects in India. No doubt, it’s Pipeline work with carbon steel is currently the primary sales driver for the company.

Ezeflow recently acquired the Scottish firm Monroe Miller and have so far invested over $5 million dollars in the PA site since buying the facility in 2011

Ezeflow is able to manufacture fittings that are designed to meet a client’s specific needs. Ezeflow pipe fittings are made for everything from mining and oil drilling platforms to desalinization plants and power generation for coal, natural gas, and nuclear. The company prides itself on 24/7 manufacturing and delivery, including same-day and overnight delivery.



4 inch to 84 inch 100 mm to 2140
mm outside diameters.
½ inch to 84 inch 12 mm to 2140
mm outside diameters, up to
schedule 160 and more.

½ inch to 36 inch 12 mm to 900 mm outside
diameters, up to schedule 160 and more.

WALL THICKNESS up to 4 inch 100 mm.

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