EU Ready for Next Round Of Sanctions Against Russia

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European is believed to be ready with its seventh package of sanctions against Russia as it continues to put pressure on Moscow to abandon the invasion of Ukraine.

Bloomberg said all things being equal, the bloc may be ready with the final agreements next week
So far, the European has targeted Russia’s financial and energy sector most pointedly with the sanctions, cutting much of Russia’s banking system from the global SWIFT system and scheduling an oil and fuels embargo for the end of the year. Coal imports have also been targeted.

EU has also banned Russian vessels from entering EU ports; Russian imports of wood, cement, and seafood; and EU investments in Russia’s energy industry.

But the EU remains highly reliant on Russian hydrocarbons, which has made buyers stock up on both coal and oil ahead of the embargo. Gas remains Europe’s weak spot in its attempts to make Russia suffer for its invasion of Ukraine.

The European is currently scrambling to secure reliable alternatives as it seeks to reduce its intake of Russian gas, due largely to its overwhelming dependence on cheap Russian gas.
has emerged as the primary alternative despite the fact it is much costlier than pipeline gas.

However, supply is also tight globally, which has resulted in the redirection of cargos from Asia to Europe, pushing prices across markets higher and forcing less wealthy importers such as Pakistan to resort to blackouts because of insufficient LNG supply for generation.

Somehow, the sanctions are believed to be affecting the European as well. Earlier this week, Reuters reported that the Commission had prepared a document detailing an aid program for EU companies negatively affected by the anti-Russian sanctions, under which they could apply for up to half a million euros in financial support from the EU.

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