By Obineme Ndubuisi Micheal

Over 20 years, EnergyNet have a business portfolio from across the world and has been organising investment summits, business meetings focused specifically on the power and industrial sectors across Africa. The company facilitate investment summits where government officials, industry players and investors engage in an open forum to establish business relationships with the aim of providing energy solutions to the region.

Following the successful event, Powering Africa: Nigeria Summit 2017 held in Abuja, Nigeria’s power sector is on the spotlight once again as the summit recorded new breakthroughs and projects awarded around the off-grid space.

EnergyNet’s, Managing Director, Simon Gosling commented, “Last year summit, we started to integrate conversation around the off-grid space in Nigeria. We are bringing people from Bogu who can engage the community and senators coming together to talk about the off-grid opportunities. But this year summit is focused on the integration of renewables on both offgrid and ongrid”

Pan Africa Solar, Chief Executive Officer, Marcus Heal also commented: “This conference is focused on the recovery plan of the Nigerian power sector which has attracted high level delegates both regional and international. The major discussions at the conference is focused on the power sector recovery plan and to bring people to contribute for the recovery of the sector. Next year edition will make a significant impact and there will be multi billion dollar contracts to be signed within the power sector of Nigeria.”

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Be the first to know when we publish an update

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