The African Development Bank, MASEN and RES4Africa have announced a collaboration to organise a dedicated solar energy training programme in 2022.

The training programme, which would be organised in Burkina Faso, is aimed at fostering the uptake of solar energy in five Sahel countries, namely, Mali Burkina Faso, Chad, Mauritania and Niger.

A release by the African Development Bank (AfDB) yesterday said the programme will focus on energy professionals and policy makers from the target countries, “and proposes a first stage institutional training course in June-July, followed by a vocational mini-grid focused training course in September-October,” said Dr. Daniel Schroth, Director for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency of the African Development Bank.

According to him, all three organizations underscored the importance of the new training programme.

“This training programme and tripartite collaboration comes as a timely opportunity given the cross-cutting importance of capacity building for the Desert to Power initiative.

“The planned sessions are relevant to all aspects of the solar energy value chain and landscape – from utility scale to decentralized uses. Adequate capacity building supports solar energy deployments in the Sahel region, and it will help accelerate the energy transition,” Schroth said.

Head of Cooperation and International Development at MASEN Ali Zerouali, said: “MASEN appreciates the start of this training collaboration.

In line with the objectives of the Coalition for Sustainable Energy Access to contribute to the achievement of SDG7 by 2030, Sahel countries in particular will capitalize on this dedicated training programme to increase their own capabilities in order to accelerate their energy transition leaving no one behind for the inclusive social and economic development.

“These organizations’ mutual experience shows the real value of capacity building on creating markets, overcoming barriers, developing skills and opportunities in the long term, and we aim to contribute to the growth of the Sahel’s solar energy future” said Mr. Roberto Vigotti, secretary general of RES4Africa.

Desert to Power is the Bank’s flagship renewable energy and economic development initiative led by the African Development Bank. Its objective is to light up and power the Sahel region by building an electricity generation capacity of 10 gigawatts through photovoltaic solar systems via public, private, grid and off-grid projects by 2030.

RES4Africa Foundation (Renewable Energy Solutions for Africa), on the other hand, envisions the sustainable transformation of Africa’s electricity systems to ensure reliable and affordable electricity access for all, enabling the continent to achieve its full, resilient, inclusive and sustainable development.

The release said the Foundation’s mission is to create favourable conditions for scaling up investments in clean energy technologies to accelerate the continent’s just energy transition and transformation.

Masen, which was created in 2010, is the group responsible for managing renewable energy in Morocco.

Through its projects, Masen contributes to the national objective of securing 52% of the country’s energy mix from renewable sources by 2030.

By the end of 2020, 1200mw of wind power were in operation, 1770mw of hydro, and more than 700mw of solar. Masen Group places the development of renewable resources at the heart of its strategy, in order to create an endless power of economic, social and environmental progress for Morocco and beyond.

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