Job title : Mechanical Engineer
Location : Lagos
Deadline : October 30, 2022

Industry : EPC

Our client in the Energy Sector that provides Engineering, Procurement and Construction services is seeking to hire an experienced Mechanical Engineer to be part of the team.


A mechanical engineer is one of the professionals that are very instrumental to the success of any construction project as well as work side by side with civil engineers and architect to ensure that construction work is effectively carried out.


  • Experience (INTERMEDIATE) : Minimum of 6 years work experience
  • Adept in Mechanical Engineering designs and a Mechanical Engineering Software designs
  • Must be able to draw Structural Plans
  • Familiar with 3D & 2D plans / printing standards
  • Must have drawn design plan for HVAC cooling system, firefighting, plumbing & piping designs
  • Must be COREN certified
  • PMP is an added advantage


  • Mechanical engineers are responsible for the implementations and monitoring of all mechanical related operations at the site as per approved drawings and methods and safety rules.
  • Mechanical engineers design the mechanical components of a building, the air and plumbing systems within a building.
  • The mechanical engineer must answer questions that arise during install, review documents submitted by the mechanical contractor to ensure that the materials that will be installed are correct.
  • Attend meetings related to the construction project, and go on job site walks to ensure the project is being built properly.
  • To ensure the equipment is erected, pre-commissioned, tested (if required), and commissioned in accordance with agreed contracts.

Coordination with equipment suppliers is an important task during construction.

  • Mechanical engineers are also employed as planners, material control engineers, quality engineers, etc.
  • A mechanical site engineer supervises all installations of machines and equipment at site thereby ensuring fulfilment of industry standards and requirements.
  • He is also supposed to review the works produced by the design engineers and maintains necessary coordination with other discipline engineers for the smooth flow of projects.
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