Job Category: Aviation

Specific Requirements
In accordance with Nigeria Civil Aviation Regulations Part & IS, the minimum initial qualifications are:

  • An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) Licence with Airframe and Power Plant rating;
  • 3 years experience in maintaining the same category and class of crafted by the AOC holder dinglar in the capacity of returning in to service and year supervisory experience maintaining the same category and as of crafted by the AOC holder.

Notwithstanding the minimum Regulatory Requirements, the following will be considered as added advantages to interested candidates:

  • Broad knowledge of Aviation and Organizational activities and procedures.
  • Good oral and written communications skills.
  • Project planning and management skills.
  • Proven leadership ability.
  • Broad Industry Experience.

As required by Nigeria Civil Aviation Regulations the individuals who serve in the positions must:

  • Be qualified through training experience, and expertise
  • Discharge their duties to meet applicable legal requirements and maintain safe operations and;
  • To the extent of their responsibilities have a full understanding of Aviation Safety Standards and Sate Operating practices and the Nigeria Civil Aviation Regulations.

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