Oil and Gas industry leaders will be part of a collaborative and global virtual summit at the Oil & Gas Leadership and Success Virtual Summit slated to hold from 6th to 10th July 2020 with a theme “Oil & Gas – Providing Leadership and Succeeding in Times of Crisis”.

The organisers in a statement said that the online-only event is in response to the COVID-19 threat and the great concern for the health and safety of speakers and participants adding that they are keen to promote social distancing and remote working/attendance.

The event will bring together the entire global oil and gas industry to discuss the challenges affecting the industry today who will propose solutions that would help stimulate the industry revival.

According to the organisers, over 50 speakers, industry leaders, policy makers and professional from across the globe will be in attendance at the unique summit.

It noted that a global effort is needed to help the industry ecosystem find ways to deal with low crude oil prices as well as the emerging threat of Corona Virus.

Importantly, participants will learn of innovative ways to deal with the current crisis, and how businesses across the world can stay afloat, the statement said.

The organiser and host, Joe Watson Gakuo, said, “We are excited to host this event, and be part of those keen to provide a platform to discuss and look at the problems of the industry, and the solutions we need. We are passionate about the oil and gas industry, and the success of everyone in the value chain of close to our hearts.”

Participants will have full access to a 5-day online-only event, that will include industry leaders interviews and presentations, panel discussions by various experts and high-level discussions around ways to have the industry working again, and how to move forward.

The summit invites government officials, exploration firms, national oil companies, oilfield services providers, entrepreneurs, local support suppliers and other stakeholders. The event lays a strong emphasis on attracting a global audience.

“Oil and gas industry is going through an uncertain period. I strongly believe that it is our responsibility, you and I, to collaborate in finding solutions that will help all the players in the industry to move the sector forward.” Added Mr Gakuo

“What are your concerns as an oil and gas professional, investor, leader and policy maker? Do you have any suggestions on topics you would like to see included or discussed?”

For further details contact Joe Watson Gakuo: [email protected]

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