…Petroleum leaders, experts to identify solutions to overcome industry issues

As the world continues to observe the lockdown and social distancing rules in the containment of the Coronavirus, there has been a renewed focus in digital alternatives to events.

The COVID-19 outbreak had led to the cancellation of a lot of events, prompting the switch from in-person to virtual events in recent times.

In that regard, the organizers of the Society of Petroleum Engineers has said that its 2020 Russian Petroleum Technology Conference would hold virtually on 26-27 October, 2020.

In a statement by the Marketing Specialist, Lilia Khalmuradova, the professional association stated that its maiden virtual conference promises to offer an inclusive virtual learning experience to all participants.

It noted that despite the difficult situation presented by the pandemic, industry leaders and experts are even more eager to gather, network, exchange ideas and find answers to their questions.

“This year, the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) will transform its regional flagship event, the SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference, into an inclusive virtual learning experience and hold it on 26-29 October 2020.

The oil and gas industry has always been and continues to be one of the most high-tech, knowledge-intensive and innovative industries in the world.

However, in the context of a global pandemic and geopolitical instability, companies are now facing a number of issues, including a slowdown in global energy demand, fixed assets aging and a decrease in the mineral resource base, as well as the need to introduce alternative energy sources. Only an integrated approach will help to cope with these issues.

“At this event you can find information, meet interesting people and listen to challenging presentations covering a full range of technical interests. It will always be the central conference among all workshops and conferences for a year,” says Mikhail Samoilov, RN, Peer Review and Technical Development Center and Conference Chair.

It hinted that at the first virtual SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference, industry leaders and reputable experts will identify solutions that will help the industry to overcome issues. It said this include rational use of resources, industry digital transformation and automation, innovative and energy-efficient technologies implementation and other tasks.

According organizers, based on the 2019 conference survey results, it is a “must-attend” event for specialists who are eager to stay on top of the latest technical papers, trends and innovations. Adding that the event presents a great opportunity for majors to find common ground and cooperate with small innovative companies.

“…for professionals, it makes a great sense to participate in this conference, because here they meet with the elite of our industry and have the opportunity to share their ideas and gain technical knowledge,” says Sergey Kolbikov, NOVATEK.

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