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Tanzania Raises Fuel Import by 50% in August

Tanzania Raises Fuel Import by 50 in August

Tanzanian Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) on Tuesday announced a new trend of fuel importation, which would guarantee enough supply of the commodity in the country.

A Daily News report quoted EWURA’s Communications and Public Relations Manager, Titus Kaguo, saying that due to resumption of all economic activities, the authority expects an increase of fuel importation for August, reaching 157.9 million litres of petrol from 103.3 million litres for July.

According to the report, Tanzania’s fuel importation for August will rise by 52% for petrol and 30.9% for diesel as compared to July’s. The increased in the country’s fuel importation is necessitated by the resumption of economic activities that were paralysed due to COVID-19. On the other hand, the importation of diesel will rise from 176.1 million litres for July to 230.6 million litres for August.

Kaguo stated that petrol would approximately account for 89% of fuel consumption for July, down from 94% for June. Likewise, the expected fuel importation for July would exceed an average consumption for that month by five per cent.

“EWURA management will closely follow up on the availability of fuel and if possible will direct local fuel companies to reserve fuel they intended to export to neighbouring countries for future local consumption,” Kaguo noted.

Meanwhile, the EWURA reiterated its intention to revoke licenses of two fuel wholesalers and three retailing stations over continuous tendency of hoarding fuel in a bid to create shortage.

The companies were accused of particularly hoarding fuel when the authority announces lowered monthly pump prices. “These companies were creating shortages during times of low fuel indicative prices, which as results caused panic among consumers,” Kaguo stated yesterday in Dar es Salaam.

He mentioned the wholesaler as Mansoor Oil Industries Limited (MOIL) and Olympic Petroleum Tanzania Ltd based in Dar es Salaam. The three fuel retailers are B.O.Five Ways Petrol Station (Bagamoyo), Mexon Energy (Makumbusho) and Mexon (Njombe), the report said.

“We initially gave them a 48-hour ultimatum to present their explanation to the authority regarding the matter and the authority arrived at the decision to embark on procedures for revoking their licenses after being dissatisfied with their explanations,” Mr Kaguo stated.

He explained that the procedures include announcing in the newspapers over the authority’s intent for inviting views from the public, thereafter the decision is taken. This procedure takes about seven days.

Kaguo noted that such dealers have been creating panic to the consumers, who have been rushing to buy large amounts of fuel and reserve in fear that there could be a scarcity.

Chibisi Ohakah, Abuja