To give first-hand information on available small/marginal oil fields in Africa, present challenges and proffer solutions on how to commercialize these fields economically will be the main focus of the Africa Small and Marginal Oil Fields Development Conference scheduled for August 19 -20, 2015 at the Crowne Plaza, The City, and London.

According to Sunny Oputa, the Chief Executive of Energy & Corporate Africa – organizers of the event,

Africa has been recognized as a continent of great promise for hydrocarbon exploration and production. With a high potential and success rate in discoveries and reservoirs, the region is also endowed with significantly large number of small and marginal fields. Majority of these fields that have been discovered remain abandoned without been developed. There are various challenges that militates the development of these fields. More of these fields will still be discovered. Development of these fields will boost the economy of African nations and also increase the revenue stream of the operators.

This conference will provide first hand information on the available small/marginal fields opportunities in Africa; highlight on the geological, technological, economics, geopolitical and management challenges confronting the development of those fields ranked as small or marginal and will proffer solutions through expert presentations and case studies. This conference amongst other things will showcase various technological, commercial, economic and project funding plans for the development of these fields.

It will also offer a cozy environment for networking and relationship building among industry peers, decision makers and senior government officials.  b Aryeetey, the Chief Operating Officer of E & P Company of Ghana National Petroleum Development Corporation, Joseph Medou, the Exploration & Production Director of Petrosen – Senegal, Idriss Abdel Khalid, Director General Ministry of Hydrocarbon Chad, Serapio Sima Ntutumu, Deputy Director of Sonagas GE, Equatorial Guinea, Felix Amieye-Ofori, Managing Director of Energia Oil & Gas, Aminata Toure, Director General Ministry of Hydrocarbon Senegal, Rolake Akinkugbe, VP Energy FBN Capital. Dr. Keith Millheim, CEO Atlantis Offshore, Luis Prazeres, Chairman/Executive Director Commercial – Nigeria Sao Tome and Principe Joint Development Authority, Dr Peter Ntephe – CEO/President ERHC Energy, Robert Gerry – Chairman Emeritus, VAALCO Energy, Robb Bunge – New Ventures Manager Noble Energy,  Prof Charles Ofoegbu – Executive Director A –Z Petroleum and may others.

Africa Small and Marginal Oil & Gas Fields Development Conference will bring government agencies from the region, national producers, investment banks, financial institutions, private equity firms, lawyers, insurance companies, oil & gas companies, national and international operators together to share knowledge, exchange ideas and network for business growth and goal actualizations.

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