The first gas turbines from Siemens’ in Germany to Egypt are now in transit. Two turbines for the Beni Suef power plant project will be loaded onto a barge at the Berlin Westhafen port, from where they will be shipped to the Rotterdam seaport. Via the Port of Adabiya on the Red Sea the 890-ton cargo will then be transported to Beni Suef.

The gas turbines are scheduled to be installed in the power plant in mid-May.

A total of eight SGT5-8000H gas turbines will be installed in the plant in several phases. The facility will be initially operated as a simple cycle gas-fired power plant. After its expansion into a combined cycle power plant with a total installed capacity of approximately 4.8 GW. The plant will be the largest combined cycle plant in the world after it is completed.

“We expect the plant in Beni Suef to feed electricity into the Egyptian power grid as early as the winter of 2016/2017,” says Willi Meixner, CEO of the Siemens Power and Gas Division. “Siemens is helping its Egyptian partner to build a powerful, reliable power supply system with proven power plant technology.”

The H-class gas turbines from Berlin will play a key role in the planned expansion of Egypt’s power generation system. In total, 24 highly efficient turbines, 24 heat recovery steam generators, 12 steam turbines and 36 generators will be installed in the country’s three power plant projects. Siemens is not only supplying the key components for all three plants but is also supporting Egypt with logistics and the execution of this mega project.

Siemens will build a total of three natural gas-fired combined cycle power plants with H-class technology and a total capacity of 14.4 GW in Egypt.

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