Nigeria lost 4,379 megawatts (MW) capacity of electricity on Saturday. This was partly due to distribution constraints and inadequate gas supply.

Data obtained from the Independent System Operator (ISO), a business unit of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) shows 16 of the Generation Companies (GenCos) had more than one of their turbines turned down as the Distribution Companies (DisCos) could not pick 2,551MW of electricity, causing frequency variation on the grid.

In all, the 16 affected power plants had 35 turbines turned down to forestall high frequency that could cause system collapse. The gas supply to GenCos’ constraint affected nine power plants where 1,826MW of electricity could not be generated because of gas shortage. Only Rivers Independent Power Plant (IPP) partly generated 25MW and lost 135MM of its full blast capacity. The other eight plants could not fire 17 turbines as there was no gas fuel.

There was no record of line constraint last Friday. Line constraint occurs when the transmission lines managed by TCN fail to carry generated power to the DisCos. There was also no record of water management issue across any of the three hydro GenCos, which occurs when water at either the River Niger or Shiroro river is not enough to fire all turbines of the GenCos.

Source: Daily Trust

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