Meters Manufacturers Accuse Discos Of Neglect

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The Electricity Meters Manufacturing Association of Nigeria (EMMAN) has said the reason the electricity distribution companies (DISCos) do not patronise them is that they make more money through billings.

Other reasons, the body claimed, include plans by the energy firms to import meters from China and other developed countries to attract foreign investors.


Its Executive Secretary, Mr Muhdeen Ibrahim, said the were not ready to source meters locally for their customers.

He urged the to patronise local manufacturers, adding that this would enable them to meet their customers’ demands.

According to him, when this happens, the power firms would not be able to charge their customers bills, arguing that  this would  affect their earnings.

According to him, local meter manufacturers have the capacity to produce enough meters in the country, insisting that the know this but refused to patronise them because they want to continue making money through billings.

He said: ‘’It is not that the local meter manufacturers do not have the capacity to produce enough meters in Nigeria. The capacity is there, but the problem is that want to make money through billings. Also, they want to continue to patronise meter producers abraod, where they falsely hope to get better meters.

‘’Meters produced by indigenous are far better than the ones produced abroad. The craze for anything western is making DisCos to jettison local meter producers for their foreign counterparts.

He said the allegation by the DisCos that the meters produced in are not compatible with their technology was untrue.

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