Lesotho To Unlock Power, Renewable At Cape Town 2019 Conference

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Lesotho plans to be at the centre of discussions during the Africa Oil & Power 2019 coming up between October 9 and 11 in Cape Town, with a comprehensive expose on the southern African country’s energy investment opportunities.

The Lesotho government also hopes to use the Africa Oil & Power 2019 conference to launch an energy investment and diplomacy drive later this year. Minister of Energy and Meteorology Hon. Tsukutlane Au hopes to discuss new hydropower, wind and transmission projects with African ministers and over 1,000 investors at the conference.

A release from APO said Lesotho’s 2015-2025 Energy Policy commits the government to provide universal power access, up from just over one-third of households today. It said that in line with the AOP 2019 theme, EnergyWork, the government intends to use energy to create new jobs, stimulate private sector involvement and increase Lesotho’s competitiveness within the Southern African Development Community region.

“Through the Africa Oil & Power conference, the Ministry aims to significantly raise the profile of Lesotho in the international and pan-African energy dialogue, to promote Lesotho’s petroleum and power projects, and to bring attention to the great work of Lesotho-based companies,” the release quoted the Minister’s letter addressed to the nation’s energy sector actors. “We are proud to endorse this conference.”

Key projects to be discussed include the building of new hydropower and wind generation facilities, and transmission infrastructure to meet increased demand. New transmission lines would also link Lesotho with South Africa, and potentially make Lesotho an exporter of energy.

The Ministry of Development Planning will attend AOP 2019 alongside the Ministry of Energy and Meteorology in order to promote national infrastructure development projects. All domestic generation is renewable with abundant further potential for wind, hydro and solar power.

The Ministry of Energy and Meteorology is committed to building greater trade and investment ties in particular with South Africa and Angola, but also with global renewables, power and oil and gas companies. The Lesotho Electricity Company, Lesotho Electricity and Water Authority, Lesotho National Development Corporation, Fantique Trade, Nedbank Lesotho, Matekane Group of Companies, Citrus Investment Holdings and other national entities will all meet delegates and provide project briefings at AOP 2019.

AOP 2019 is Africa’s Energy Conference, held under the theme #MakeEnergyWork, and it is the official event of the Department of Energy of South Africa. The conference and exhibition takes place at the CTICC 1 in Cape Town on October 9-11.

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