DR Congo ask remaining two consortiums running for Inga III project to submit a joint bid

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In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the two remaining consortiums competing for the construction of the Inga II hydropower dam have been invited to submit a joint bid for the project. This was announced by the Agency in charge of the development and promotion of the Great Inga Project (ADPI-RDC).

“The two consortiums have been invited, after examination of their respective bids, challenges surrounding the project and developments registered in the supply and demand market, to take all necessary measures to form a single group which will submit an optimized bid,” ADPI-RDC said in statement.

The consortiums concerned are ProInga which is led by ACS Servicios, Communicaciones y Energia and Cobra Installaciones y Servicios, and Chine d’Inga which is led by China Three Gorges Corporation.

The Inga III power dam will have a production capacity of about 4,800MW. Out of this output, 2,500MW will be sent to South Africa. The rest will be used partly by the people of the region (1000MW) and the country’s industry ministry (1000MW). The Congolese State hopes that the infrastructure will significantly help cut cost of energy in the region. Its construction will cost about $12 billion.

The dam project falls under the Great Inga Project which aims at installing hydropower dams with a total capacity of 42,000MW along the Congo River. Inga III comes in this framework after Inga I (360MW) and Inga II (1400MW) which have already been built.

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