Nigeria’s Oranto Petroleum Holds Workshop In Uganda

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In response to Uganda’s invitation to the private sector investors into the country’s downstream oil and gas sector, Nigeria’s Oranto Petroleum has held a tender workshop in the East African country in partnership with the Petroleum Authority of Uganda.

The capacity-building workshop, attended by over 250 business owners and entrepreneurs was where Oranto Petroleum has its Ngassa licenses, a statement from the company said yesterday.

Chairman of Oranto Petroleum, Prince Arthur Eze, said in a statement that his company understands that oil resources have the potential to provide immense benefits to African nations through the employment of the local workforce, and can boost local communities and generate rural transformation.

“When we hire, train, promote and give contracts to Ugandan nationals, it is a victory for the oil industry and country. We are thankful to President Yoweri Museveni and the people of Uganda for working closely with the oil industry to ensure we all succeed.

“With the work done so far by our technical teams, we are confident we will soon announce a discovery once we proceed to drill wells in Uganda,’’ Prince Eze said.

The workshop provided information on training and capacity building in Uganda’s oil & gas sector, and gave participants insights into the best opportunities the oil sector provides in income generation across agriculture, business incubation, transportation, storage, waste management, trade and services like banking and insurance.

Critical skills in local content, enterprise development and innovation were also provided to participants.

In his appraisal, the Director of Strategy of the African Energy Chamber, Mickael Vogel, said the Chamber welcomes programmes like the Oranto workshop in Uganda and commended the company for the effort. “We congratulate Oranto for living up to its commitment to the Ugandan people and local content. The Chamber wants to support companies that contribute in enabling Uganda’s workforce and supplier development, and collaborating with the government to support the growth and success of Uganda’s new energy industry,” he said.

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