Military: Putin Issues Conscription Order On Energy Workers

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Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has ordered nearly 100% of Russia’s male energy sector employees to present themselves at recruitment offices.

The ministry of energy in a letter asked those receiving the letter, all companies in the country’s energy sector, as well as those in the mining sector, to adhere to the command.
The ministry letter shared by Gaz Bayushka stated the companies must give all men employed in the oil, gas, and mining sectors a day off to register at drafting offices.

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“In the period from 22nd of September 2022 to 5th of October 2022, with the aim to specify numbers, all 100% of male employees of your companies are to appear at the military commissariats at their places of living,” the letter explains.

The companies were also instructed to appoint people to be responsible for attendance.
Exceptions will be for company heads, their deputies, and heads of production units.

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The government of Russia justified their action, describing it as ‘perfect.’ upoil, gas, and mining sector, For Russia’s industry, the move that would see a large number of workers repurposed to serve in the military has the potential to decimate its capabilities through a sudden depletion of its workforce.

The letter comes as Russian President Vladimir Putin issued what he referred to as a partial mobilization of reservists to beef up Russia’s forces in Ukraine by 300,000 men. It is Russia’s conscription drive since WWII, according to Reuters.

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As of 2020, Russia had 2.5 million people employed in the and energy sector, according to Statista data. Russia’s crude oil and condensate production was 10.76 million bpd as of July, according to the Rosstat statistics office.

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